Feel free to wear any workout style clothing you have without any zippers or sharp parts that will poke anyone. Since Jiu-jitsu is a close contact sport we need to be extra conscientious of our partners.

Please make sure you don’t wear any jewelry when you practice and you keep both fingernails and toenails trimmed short.

Even though we offer Beginner’s Classes, they are not mandatory. We recommend starting with a Beginner’s Class if you have no prior grappling/wrestling experience, but we understand that everyone’s schedule is different. Feel free to attend any class that best fits your schedule.

Please fill out the form on the home page to let us know which class you’ll be attending. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class starts to fill out a quick waiver form. Once that form is complete your free trial begins.

Absolutely! Drop in rates are $40 for one day. If you’d like to train for multiple days, email us or speak with us in person and we can work out a special rate.

For your trial period you are welcome to wear another gi if you have one, or if you are visiting from out of town. Once you enroll as a gym member we require students to where school branded uniform. Colhado offers fully customizable gi’s if you have a special design in mind.