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"In a risky situation, being prepared can make a difference"

Seminar content

Seminar content

How to defend yourself in a risky situation

Learn practical and effective techniques to protect yourself in different dangerous situations. Identifying warning signs, such as body posture and verbal language, escape and disarming techniques, such as grabs, chokes and attacks with weapons

Care and precautions to avoid dangerous situations

Here, we will cover proactive strategies to minimize the risk of getting involved in dangerous situations. Improving your awareness of your surroundings, such as increasing situational awareness, avoiding high-risk areas, and adopting safety habits

Self-defense and immobilization techniques

Our instructors will demonstrate and practice a variety of effective self-defense techniques designed to enable participants to respond confidently and effectively in situations of physical conflict, learning everything from restraint techniques to disarmament.

The importance of mentality and emotional control

During our seminar, we will explore techniques for controlling fear, anxiety and panic in stressful situations, and we will discuss strategies for staying calm and making rational decisions under pressure.

Risk assessment and quick decision making

We will provide participants with tools and techniques to assess the risks of possible everyday situations, knowing how to identify escape routes and choose between different action options based on the specific circumstances.

First aid basics for emergency situations

In case of emergencies, it is essential to know how to act quickly and effectively. In this part of the seminar, participants will receive basic first aid training. These skills can make a vital difference until professional help arrives.

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